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We are seeking dedicated design professionals with a passion for advancing our craft and strengthening our creative community. This is your chance to take a turn at keeping our AIGA chapter moving forward.

All positions offer a unique opportunity to participate as a leader in the design community, helping to shape the future of design right here in Orange County. We encourage anyone who is interested to apply, whether you’re an emerging professional, a non-member looking to get more involved, or a seasoned professional interested in taking it to the next level.

Why join the board?

This is a great way to give back to your profession, elevate the level of design in Orange County, and help build a vibrant creative community. You will get so much out of it, personally and professionally. You’ll gain leadership skills and meet wonderful and talented people both locally and nationally.

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Chapter Manager

The Chapter Manager works with the President, Vice President, and Treasurer to review and recap event proposals and budgets, make decisions regarding Chapter policy, and provides support and guidance for the Board of Directors and the Chapter as a whole. The Chapter Manager is responsible for keeping all Board members up-to-date on pertinent dates and details. Duties include:

  • Preparing and disseminating internal communications for the Board (i.e., keeping meeting minutes, gathering committee reports from the directors for our meeting reports, recapping programming budgets);
  • Recording and documenting Chapter business (minutes, keeping the board position list up to date, contact info, etc.);
  • Sending out meeting reports and reminders
  • Helping to plan (internal) board-related events
  • Managing chapter resources (keys, documentation, passwords, etc.).

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The Board of Directors are required to:

  • Attend at least 9 monthly board meetings/year (on the first Tuesday of each month, 6pm at Wayfare)
  • Prepare committee reports for monthly board meetings;
  • Attend chapter events, and be accessible to members;
  • As a representative of our Chapter, it is required that Directors have an AIGA membership.


Communications Director
The Communication Director is responsible for all communication channels (digital or otherwise) that the local AIGA chapter owns/manages. These channels are the primary medium in communicating with membership and the community at large. These channels also add a tremendous amount of value to potential local Partners.

The Director is responsible for:

  • Works closely with the Events & Program Director(s) to assure communication efforts meet the needs of our members and present the AIGA brand and our events effectively, appropriately, and consistently.
  • Developing an annual communication strategy with the board.
  • Creating and overseeing two committees, one for content creation (writing and design) and the other for all communication channels (emails, social media, the website).
  • Developing strategies and milestones with individual committee members regarding their particular channels.
  • Modifying team strategies and processes for e-blasts, social media and all outgoing communications as needed.
  • Determining new roles for your committees as needed to sustain balance and maintain happiness of team members.
  • Determining new channels that are important for the chapter, based on popularity and usage among membership.
  • Overseeing and ensuring the execution of all committee processes in a high-quality and timely manner.
  • Writing and amending role descriptions for all committee roles.
  • Managing, archiving all usernames and passwords for any digital channels.
  • Having a thorough understanding of and disseminating the website/communication guidelines provided by the national office.
  • Communication with the national office or any vendors on hosting and technology issues.


Events & Programming Director or Interim Director*
*(5 months, from July to January, with the potential of Co-Directing after January)

The Events & Programming Director(s) works with the Board to prepare an annual event schedule that reflects activities consistent with local and national missions while meeting the needs of the community. Duties include:

  • Producing and maintaining the annual chapter calendar of events;
  • Identifying potential themes or topics for programming and maintaining a programming schedule;
  • Working with Event Chairs to establish and manage appropriate schedules. The Director helps to oversee the schedules to ensure milestones are delivered on time and in budget;
  • Guiding Event Chairs and committees with all items related to event planning (i.e., securing venues, coordinating event agendas and activities on day(s) of event, securing outside vendors, communication/PR, sponsors, obtaining appropriate insurance, etc.);
  • Working with the Communications Director and teams ensure the calendar of events on the Chapter website is up to date;
  • Coordinating with Development Director to make sure Sponsors/Partners are in place, happy and thanked; 
  • Working with Event Chairs to supervise and/or filing event summaries for each event, including final event budgets, sample emails, communications assets, partnership information, notes and a post-mortem recap;
  • Submitting programming summaries to the national office (via the national website) before the National Leadership Retreat (in June) and posting event descriptions on the dynamic events calendar, located on the AIGA National website.
  • Maintaining a high quality programming experience for event attendees;
  • Determining new roles for your committees as needed to sustain balance and maintain happiness of team members.
  • Reporting Events & Programming and initiatives to the board at our monthly meetings.


Membership Director (or Co-Directors)

The Membership Director(s) aims to maintain and grow the local membership. In essence, this is the indirect responsibility of every Board member, but the Membership Director leads recruiting and membership drive initiatives. The Director does this primarily by maintaining tools and reports that assist with communicating to lapsing members, by creating and using tools that demonstrate the value of membership, and by collaborating with National for bi-annual Drives. Duties include:

  • Maintaining a monthly accurate and current local membership list by utilizing AIGA membership databases;
  • Participating in the national Membership Directors’ conference calls;
  • Adding new contacts from event registration and sign-in sheets;
  • Developing and implementing a member recruitment and retention strategy and goals for the year;
  • Attending events and presenting membership materials, answering questions and processing applications;
  • Notifying Executive Board of Board memberships that have lapsed or are about to lapse and contacting those members;
  • Maintaining awareness of benefits and categories of membership— be prepared for membership questions;
  • Ensuring the chapter has ample and updated membership materials for upcoming events;
  • Reporting membership numbers and initiatives to the board at our monthly meetings.


Development/Partnership Director (or Co-Directors)

The Development Director(s) is responsible for identifying and contacting potential community partners for chapter events and programs. Special attention is given to annual sponsorships, event sponsorships, and in-kind donations.

  • Maintain and elaborate on a current list of potential partners in the community;
  • Work with Events & Programming Team to understand partnership needs for each season;
  • Identify cash and in-kind partners for events and programs;
  • Determine partnership benefits on an individual or group case;
  • Create, update, and distribute partnership materials describing event opportunities and partnership levels;
  • Work with the Events & Programming team to create bi-annual partnership documents;
  • Work with the Board to ensure partnership expectations are executed fully;
  • Work with Communications Team to ensure partnership logos are updated on all event-related communications;
  • Report Development progress at monthly board meetings;
  • Follow-up with partners to share the positive impact of their contributions to our chapter.



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Chair Requirements:

  • Required to attend monthly board meetings to update teams on upcoming events when necessary. Monthly committee progress will be reported by each director at the meetings.
  • As a representative of our Chapter, it is required that Chairs have an AIGA membership.


MIX Chair(s)

The MIX Chair facilitates our monthly networking events (every third Thursday) by identifying and booking locations, pre-ordering food, and making sure everything runs smoothly at the event. The MIX Chair collaborates with the Events & Programming Director to plan the events.

  • Leads all programming management for the MIX events;
  • Manages sign-in/registration at MIX events;
  • Manages programming tasks and initiatives as with the Event Producer; PM and Programs Director in Producteev;
  • Maintains a high quality programming experience for events;
  • Creates an event report/summary for the Events & Programming Chair in advance of monthly board meetings.


Field Trip Co-Chair

The role of the Fieldtrip Chair is to seek out creative spaces in Orange County (or beyond) and to collaborate with those locations to share their story with our AIGA OC Community. This is a great opportunity to create relationships and get an inside scoop with some of Orange County’s finest.

  • Assists in all programming management for the Fieldtrip events;
  • Acts as a host on behalf of the chapter at the Field Trip events;
  • Creates an event report/summary for the Events & Programming Chair in advance of monthly board meetings.


Community Manager

Collaborate with our Social Media Chair to maintain conversations on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. work with the Communication Director and event teams in getting the chapter’s messages out to our members using our various social media channels and growing our social reach. The ability create new content related to our events schedule, leverage content provided to the Chair, and find relevant content to our community is essential. Ingenuity, strategy, and passion is a plus.


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Board Committee Requirements:

  • Monthly board meetings are not required, but are a great time for teams to assemble and collaborate. Committee members are always welcome to attend.
  • As a representative of our Chapter, it is required that all committee volunteers have an AIGA membership.


Design for Good Committee

Are you interested in being part of events that help our local communities in meaningful ways? Join the Design for Good committee to help plan events either from a strategic level or on-the-ground that have great impact on Orange County non-profits. Learn more about the Design for Good initiative, and give back in a big way.


OCDA Committee

The OC Design Awards are currently our biggest celebration of the year. This team would be responsible for:

  • Outlining key tasks and schedules for to plan the event;
  • Identifying and contacting judges and organizing submissions for judges;
  • Working with the Communications Committee to effectively communicate the submissions and awards;
  • Working with the team that builds awards for the winners;
  • Organizing the awards show;
  • Identifying and obtaining sponsors for the event;
  • Communicating OCDA progress to the board at our monthly meetings.


Design Writers/Bloggers

Becoming a design writer is a great opportunity to investigate and create great content that gives context to chapter initiatives and events. This could include interviewing upcoming speakers or the design community, creating inside stories that inspire readers about a process, developing inside stories, and generating new ideas that intrigue our audience. Design writers will collaborate with the communications team and event producers to establish strategic content that supports our initiatives and educates the community. Applicants with some writing experience, grammar fanatics, investigative chops, and self-starters preferred.


In-House INitiative Committee

The In-House INitiative Committee is responsible for helping the In-House Chair to implement ideas and events for our local community. The Chair works with the In-House chair, the Events & Programming Director, and the Membership Director.

  • Assists in all programming management for the IN-House Events as delegated by the In-house initiative Chair
  • Manages programming tasks and initiatives as with the In-House Initiative Chair and Programs Director in Producteev
  • Maintains a high quality programming experience for event attendees
  • Reports to the In-House Initiative Chair


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Do you have ideas for additional board positions and initiatives? Questions? Let us know.

If you would like to explore other charges that align to our mission, we will support you in making your ideas a reality.

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