10 Things We’ve Learned From Massimo Vignelli

Rest in peace, Massimo Vignelli.

It comes at me with great sadness to report the loss of design legend Vignelli, 83, had passed away on Tuesday morning in his home in Manhattan.  Earlier in the month, his son Luca had reported that his father had been terminally ill. He asked designers, friends of Massimo and anyone who had been influenced by Massimo’s work to send in letters and respects. Massimo Vignelli. Best known for iconic designs such as the New York subway map, The American Airlines Logo and theBloomingdales’ brown bag – Massimo has enchanted us all with his aesthetics and timeless style.

Vignelli, however has left us with more than iconic branding. He was a big advocate of crafting timeless design, and just as his designs are timeless – as is his advice. Here are 10 snippets of Wisdom, that we feel will stick with us forever.



By aigaoc
Published May 29, 2014