AIGA OC is a registered non-profit run entirely by volunteer community leaders.
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Executive Board


Archie Bagnall

Archie is our chapter President and he is also British. He joined AIGA OC’s team in 2015 with an enthusiasm for contributing to the greater design community in Orange County. He’s a Design Lead, Writer, and Strategist; using Design as a force for human-centered strategic problem solving, storytelling, and innovation. He is passionate about designing with and for people. He is married to Noelle, and together they have a Norwich Terrier called Snackpack.


Bill Thompson
Ambassador, Treasurer (Outgoing)

Bill contributes with the board because he loves to be around change agents within the design industry and learn from those interactions. He received his BFA from the Art Center College of Design and is currently a principal photographer at Pencilbox Studios as well as an Adjunct Professor of Photography at  California State University, Fullerton. As a photographer, his gift is the ability to make people look friendly and approachable He enjoys  listening to information on mirror actions and micro expressions and uses these to his advantage when photographing really smart people. He also has an amazing ability to always get the “crazy fork” at a restaurant (he is commonly known as the “Fork Whisperer” within his circle) and also has an awesome ghost story that happened on his honeymoon which he will only tell you if you buy him a cocktail.


Darlene Casco
Director, Communications

Darlene is our Communications Director and native to Southern California. She joined AIGA in 2014 to find like-minded individuals to team up with. She works as a lead web designer for an in-house design team. She thrives on developing brands and adhering consistencies. She believes that any design solution is unveiled when in a mindset of wonder. She is a huge movie buff bound to watch any recommendation, and when she is not watching a film, you can probably catch her on a plane to a new travel destination.


Sarah Kustera
Director, Events

Sarah is a so-cal native, who first became involved with AIGA as a student at Chapman University where she received her degree in Graphic Design. After a few years apart she has recently reconnected with AIGA OC and is excited to be more involved and connecting with other designers. Sarah loves the evolving nature of design and there is always an opportunity to learn more. She currently works as a designer for Modera Inc., a small marketing company in Irvine. Her daily work involves both print and digital work including branding, layout, web design, but she is most passionate about typography and lettering and has recently been practicing watercolor. She and her husband Mark are Airbnb hosts with two dogs who love to travel and try new things.


Initiative Leaders


Arturo Jimenez
Initiative Leader, Diversity & Inclusion

Hailing from Hoodzpah Design and riding high as a freelancer, Arturo joins our team with the motivation to be exposed to new opportunities. He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from CSU Fullerton and specializes in a combination of design and illustrative work for print and web, while also working heavily in packaging design, and photography. You can see his story and work on his fully self-designed personal/professional website


Jamie Stark
Initiative Leader, Mentorship

Jamie oversees the development of mentorship initiatives for our chapter. A recent transplant to Southern California, he was motivated to become involved in the creative community by volunteering as a mentor because of the rewarding experiences he had with great mentors while building his career as a young designer. He is a graduate of Fordham University and is now the Principal and Creative Director of Stark Designs LLC. He specializes in his role as a designer, art director and creative professional and has worked with big brands such as Pepsi, Dannon and Equal. He loves pugs and had once served Henry Kissinger and Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy hot dogs!


Sophia Pozzi
Community Manager

Sophia Pozzi is a designer and illustrator from Southern California. She is currently leading visual design at a mortgage fintech start up in Aliso Viejo where she enjoys using design as a tool to humanize technology. Sophia believes that creating delightful digital experiences can make the world a brighter place. When she’s not working, you can bet to find her on her yoga mat or asking to pet every dog she comes across. Sophia serves as AIGA OC’s ‘Community Manager’, ensuring that all members of the community are known.