Century Exhibit takes 5th Avenue at New York’s AIGA

Created by AIGA medalist and Pentagram partner Abbott Miller and produced and curated by Monotype, Century: 100 Years of Type in Design exhibition features rare works and unique artifacts from a dozen exhibitors, including MonotypeAIGA,PentagramMohawkType Directors Club, Condé Nast, Hamilton Wood Type, The Type Archive, The Herb Lubalin Study Center, Alan Kitching, and The Museum of Printing.

In honor of the AIGA Centennial events, the Century exhibition, designed and created by Pentagram Partner Abbott Miller, celebrates type, graphic design and their creators from the last 100 years.

On view at the AIGA National Design Center on Fifth Avenue in New York City through June 18, 2014, the Century exhibition will be the hub of a rich variety of presentations, lectures, workshops and receptions.

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By aigaoc
Published May 16, 2014