March 2014 MIX

2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of AIGA and one of the ways we plan to commemorate on a monthly basis is to create a TOP 10 list during each of our MIX events. We’ll compile each list with your creative input and end the year with our final TOP 100.

This month we will be observing the magical creature known as the Leprechaun. If the Leprechaun was in fact a shoemaker, shoemaking must have been a lucrative business in the fairy world, since each leprechaun is said to have his own pot of gold. Or, maybe this pot of gold is better explained by the Leprechaun’s trickery.

As a creative, we are also a bit magical in nature and have a few tricks up our sleeve. This month we ask you to share what’s in your bag of tricks/design arsenal to develop our Top 10 Design Tips and Tricks that lead you toward your pot of gold.

When & Where
Thu, Mar 20, 2014 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT
The Auld Dubliner
2497 Park Avenue
Tustin, California 92782