Mentorship 2018

AIGA OC's Mentorship program is BACK for 2018.

The AIGA-OC mentorship program pairs seasoned creatives across a wide variety of occupations and industries with the next generation of talent, whether they be students or emerging professionals. The goal is to share insights, career advice, inspiration, and encouragement. It can cover everything - from learning how the business works, to individual professionalism, to assessing the value you bring to our creative profession.

The 2018 Mentorship program will run from May 8th for four months, to August 14th.

Mentor Application Form
Mentee Application Form

Applicants will be paired based on interest, experience, and common goals. Selected Mentors and Mentees agree to a 4-month commitment, meeting 1–2 times per month at a location to be agreed upon by each individual (this could be the Mentor's place of business, a coffee shop, whatever works best for you both).

We are excited to offer this year's Mentorship program completely FREE. Please note, due to the high-volume of applications and limited number of mentees, we prioritize paid AIGA members when making pairings. Learn more about membership here:

Mentors and Mentees can shape their time together in any way they want, but here's some recommended guidelines...

Month 1: Kick-Off
Mentors and Mentees meet to introduce themselves, share expectations, portfolios, and set goals to determine their program and milestones over the course of the next few months.

Month 2: Actionable Assignment
Mentor provides the Mentee with a simple assignment related to their shared field of interest. The scope of the project should be agreed upon by both participants, but the more effort the Mentee puts into this project the more feedback the Mentor can provide. Submission deadlines and a schedule should be established with Month 3 being the final review.

Month 3: Meet to Discuss Project
The Mentee’s project should be submitted to the Mentor at least one week prior to their meeting. This allows the Mentor adequate time to review the project prior to the meeting and prepare constructive criticism. It’s suggested that weekly or bi-weekly check-ins are also conducted to answer questions and maintain momentum.

Month 4: Project Completion | END
We ask Mentors to invite their Mentees to their agency, studio, cubicle farm—wherever the magic happens. The goal is to provide the Mentee with firsthand insight in to what “a day in the life of” could look like.


  • Must be one of the following:
  • A student majoring in a creative discipline
  • A new creative professional
  • A mid-career professional looking to change disciplines
  • GPA will be considered (student's only)
  • Must have at least 3 samples of work to show
  • Must fill out an application form and be officially paird with a mentor
  • Must be willing to dedicate 2–4 hours per month to meet with mentor
  • Must be flexible and respectful of the Mentor's time

Become a Mentor
Become a Mentee

Contact Jamie Stark, leader of our Mentorship Program.

When & Where
Tue, May 8, 2018
Orange County, CA